Saturday, April 11, 2009

NDP Officially Back Down on BC Place Attacks

Responding to public outrage and pressure from the sports community, the BC NDP offically backed down from their attacks on the BC Place renovations. They also made clear that their platform now includes the full $365 million for the renovations, and includes the retractable roof. The NDP have now also clarified that they will spend $100 million for soccer fields and community centres throughout the province if elected.

You can read their full statement on the matter here:

While it's regrettable that the stadium was the target of political attack ads by the NDP, I am satisfied that the New Democrats are now fully committed to this project. But they should know that the pressure they felt on this issue over the past week is just a fraction of what our community can bring on them, or any political party, if they choose to use sport as a political pawn again.

The past week has been a testament to what the soccer and sports community can accomplish when we band together. This is a strong win for sport in BC. Regardless of which political party wins in May, they can be certain that the sports community will hold them accountable for their promises, and that we will challenge them when they take action detrimental to sport in our province.

Yours in Sport,
Bill Currie
Friends of Soccer

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pip said...

It took them long enough. I complained about this issue on their social media sites sometime ago and finally they respond. Thank goodness. Their claim that this was a distortion by Liberal advertising is disengenious though. As a long time NDP supporter I am finding Carol James and her flip flops on carbon tax and now this soccer fiasco untenable. She is clearly not a leader. But a follower.