Monday, April 06, 2009

CKNW Editorial Slams Both Libs & NDP on BC Place

Today, Jim Mullin of CKNW took direct aim at the BC Place situation, condemning the misleading NDP internet ads, and assigning a fair share of blame on the Liberals as well.

You can hear the complete editorial here:

"The Liberals could have done themselves and all of us a big favour. They could have acted years ago on this issue. The roof should have been in place for the Olympics in 2010, but it isn't after some "Made in BC" serial dithering... Extending the life of the stadium by 25 years is one of the larger projects in BC which can get access to credit, create jobs, build infrastructure, and create spinoff economic benefits, and eventually have the majority portion of the reno pay for itself. In a world where the left and centre of the political spectrum are embracing shovel-ready projects to create jobs and keep the economy rolling, the NDP's position on this issue issue is puzzling at best. At worst, it's designed to pit region versus region, small town versus large city, and rich versus poor. The New Democrats tell us we have to make a choice between social spending before retrofitting a facility that generates economic benefit to the community. That kind of thinking is the economic equivalent of not being able to walk and chew gum at the same time"

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