Thursday, June 15, 2006

"City Council Has Mandate to Build Stadium."

Friends of Soccer comments at June 14's Stadium Now Media Conference.

"Good morning everyone. Friends of Soccer is a grassroots movement dedicated to providing a voice in this process for citizens. Through letters, e-mails, phone calls to councillors, and through these postcards, Friends of Soccer has been the gateway for over 1000 citizens to contact their elected representatives."

"We heard about the formation of Stadium Now and offered to help in any way we could to spread the word about the growing support for the stadium in Gastown, and to provide information to folks so they could make an informed decision."

"Today, for the first time ever we are unveiling our “BUILD THE STADIUM NOW” banner which is making its way across our City. We look forward to giving your supporters a chance to add names to the over 2,500 who have already expressed their desire to see the stadium built NOW in Gastown."

"Throughout this process, citizens of Vancouver have shown overwhelming support for the stadium and have given our City Council a mandate to build it now. The Whitecaps have been open, transparent and cooperative and their vision to work with communities on the issues is outstanding. We are honoured to bring the banner “home” and then continue its journey until we reach City Hall on June 27th."

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