Saturday, October 24, 2009

Supporting the BC Place Renovations...

Just a couple of things on BC Place;

First, The BC Soccer Association has strongly endorsed the renovation:

Retractable roof plan is the right plan for BC Place

Second, I think most of us understand that the government is going to take a lot of criticism for this. It could have been politically easy for them to go with something second-rate, or walk away from the project altogether. They could have become yet another level of government that broke their promises to the soccer community, the Whitecaps, and the people of B.C. Only this time, it could have been fatal for our professional team.

But the government didn't. They kept their word. They've taken action that will ensure the Whitecaps will continue to exist for years to come. And now they're going to get hit hard by their critics, including the NDP who have once again changed their position on the BC Place roof.

Whatever you may think of this government, I believe it's important to let our elected officials know when they've done something right. I also believe in publicly supporting good decisions against critics who are bent on shouting down good ideas. Supporting good decisions now makes it easier for everyone in the soccer community to work with government in the future on other projects (ie. the Waterfront Stadium).

If you support the Whitecaps, and the BC Place renos, I encourage you to drop a quick thank-you email to Premier Campbell and Kevin Krueger (The Minister responsible for BC Place). Letters to the editor supporting BC Place would also be a big help. I've listed some addresses below.

People are always willing to take a swing at governments when they screw up. But few people are willing to come to their defence or thank them when they do something right. I know they appreciate it a lot when it happens, and it encourages them to do more good things. I hope you'll take a moment to write.

Bill Currie
Friends of Soccer

MLA: Hon. Gordon Campbell

MLA: Hon. Kevin Krueger

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Russell said...

I actually thought that the overnment would walk away from this project. So it was great news for the Whitecaps when they didn't.