Thursday, May 08, 2008

Gregor Robertson's Position on The Whitecaps Stadium

On Thursday, May 8, Friends of Soccer invited the six potential major candidates for Vancouver Mayor to use this website to state their position on the Whitecaps Stadium. We have promised to publish their statements in their entirety, unedited and without commentary. We have no intention of endorsing any particular mayoral candidate.

Today, Gregor Robertson of Vision Vancouver responded to our invitation. His campaign's website is

Dear Bill,

Thanks for writing. As you may know, I am an avid soccer player (VMSL Div 2) and Whitecaps fan since the beginning. Let me start by saying that Vancouver needs a professional soccer stadium and as Mayor I would ensure that it gets moving. Soccer fans have waited long enough for a much-needed home for the Whitecaps. The MLS in Vancouver would be great for the city, and would be one of my priorities should I be elected as mayor.

The Port and the Whitecaps should continue their negotiations but it’s important that we consider alternative locations, including reconsideration of the False Creek Flats. The Flats (just east of Science World) has city-owned land and might be the best opportunity to get the stadium moving. An agreement on the waterfront may be hard to reach. Either way, we need to move on and get this done.

The city cannot force the Port (federal government) to give up the land and any provincial government intervention would simply add to the controversy. The solution is for the city government to make a resolution a priority. I totally understand Mr. Kerfoot’s frustration and the new Mayor must work to find the optimal place for the stadium. It will not only offer a place for the Whitecaps and amateur soccer, but may be used as a community amenity for concerts and events.

I trust this answers your question and I look forward to working together to make a professional soccer stadium in Vancouver a reality.



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