Thursday, April 24, 2008

Whitecaps Stadium Needs Champions...Not Cheerleaders

Friends of Soccer Letter to The Vancouver Sun & City Council

Why does it take five years to build a soccer stadium? Especially when the owner is willing to build it with his own cash. Only in Vancouver, where developers and poverty activists overrule the majority of working citizens could this happen.

Our city is about to spend $5 million in taxpayers money on scaffolding and portapotties on the temporary Olympic venues for cultural events that could have been hosted in the Whitecaps Stadium. Multiply that by all of the festivals and events that close downtown streets and stretch our police, and you will see that the savings would have been enough to pay for the stadium many times over. All of this is over and above the desire of soccer fans to enjoy the same world class game hockey fans enjoy.

No doubt, our mayor and councillors will try to say “wait...that's not our fault...we support the stadium”. But all they've been so far are cheerleaders. There's a difference between cheerleaders and champions. The champions are the ones willing to go the extra mile to make the extraordinary happen. Cheerleaders just stand on the sidelines and shout.

Bill Currie
Friends of Soccer

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Anonymous said...

Let's get the waterfront stadium built and subsequent MLS expansion! Look at how a new stadium and MLS team transformed Toronto's soccer fan base: from one of the worst in the USL to becoming THE best in the MSL (fan base now is incredible).