Thursday, February 01, 2007

Council Votes Unanimously to Move Revised Stadium Site Forward!

Once again, Vancouver City Council has voted unanimously to proceed with the Whitecaps Waterfront Stadium. After listening to 15 speakers, which included presentations from the Whitecaps, Friends of Soccer and Stadium Now!, Council made the decision to adapt the latest City Staff report and to begin a new round of public consultation. If all goes well, the city could send the stadium project to a formal rezoning process by June, and construction could be completed in time for the 2010 Olympics.

During the council session, the handful of stadium opponents mostly rehashed issues that were addressed in the previous hearings. However, City Council raised concerns about the effects the revised waterfront stadium site would have on the Seabus Terminal, as well as the need for the Whitecaps and the Port to reach agreement with federal government agencies. These are among the issues that will be addressed in the upcoming Open Houses and Public Hearings.

As the stadium moves a step closer, your support becomes even more important. Council mentioned more than once the broad public support the stadium project has received, and it's because the Citizens of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland have stepped up to the plate to let them know. To find out more on how you can support the Whitecaps Waterfront Stadium, visit

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