Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Pro-Stadium Campaign Is On!

The Friends of Soccer Pro-Stadium campaign is about to get underway in full force...and we have big plans. We haven't been idle over the last few weeks...we've only been planning for the next phase of the campaign to begin. Our biggest plan is to mobilize the full force of BC's soccer community and citizens of Vancouver to let City Council know beyond a doubt that Vancouver wants the stadium.

You'll be hearing about some of the ways we'll be doing this in the next few days. To get an idea of one of the things we have planned, check out the website at .

You'll also be hearing from our opponents as well. Don't worry about the handful of headlines they're grabbing. They're a small, negative group who have a long history of opposition. If we all band together as both a soccer community and a group of positive, concerned citizens, we'll overwhelm city council with our numbers alone. The key to success here is to focus on the positives of the stadium and ignore our opponents' negativity.

I hope we can count on your support. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with me at .

Bill Currie


Nicolas Jacob said...

I live in the neighbourhood, i love the Whitecaps, i go to the games at Swangard, i like outdoor music festivals, i like big crowds, but this is the wrong site for this stadium. I'm styarting to think we Whitecaps fans are being used like a Trojan horse to get Kerfoot's mega development scheme for the railbed into reality (he owns all the way to Main Street). I love the Whitecaps but i don't support being used for his money-making schemes. This is about more than a Whitecaps stadium. this is about developing the last large piece of downtown view properties. Let's have some disclosure Mr. Kerfoot!

Gastown is not the playground for the rest of Vancouver. It's a neighbourhood jkust like theb one you live in. I wouldn't propose a COSTCO or Canadian Tire across the street from Lenarduzzi's North Vancouver home, and then slag him when he expresses resentment. Process from day-one has been bad on this, quite disrespectful and anti-poor. While Vancouver is becoming more of a "resort city," nevertheless, my neighbourhood is not metro Vancouver's nightlife playground. Families live here and we've got just enough bar culture already thank you.

Save Swangard, one of the most beautiful stadium locations. Make the FIFA 2007 expansion a permanent one.

Anonymous said...

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